Learn How the Muscles Work: First and most important point. This is perhaps the most important thing to remember about what you need to do if you want to look like a bodybuilder.

You need to decide the purpose of your training. What is training? Is it only certain body movements performed with the load? Or maybe these are the actions to stimulate the development of muscle fibers? If you feel that the purpose of training is to develop muscle, you have to consider also how to train. The basic principle of training is repetition. From those repetitions, all depends. Repetition, thousands of repetitions during the weeks of exercises. They decide on your bodybuilding success. If you do them well, good. If you do them carelessly, you’ll show no gains.

Do you have to clench your teeth and force yourself to complete 10 or 12 repetitions? No. In the gyms, it is very common to see young people who want at all costs to “include” a certain number of repetitions, and who do not realize that struggling through those last two repetitions really is unnecessary.

“Yeah, but the best bodybuilders lift really big weight!” you say. Yes, but first of all have a look at the technique of bodybuilders. You should work on the muscles during intense exercise classes and the maximum peak voltage in the phase of movement. Their full attention is focused on training that muscle. Others also training with the heavy load, but do not have great results. The secret lies in the technique.

Learn to focus attention and “feel.” Provide tension on the muscle being trained throughout the movement. If necessary, you may even reduce the load, so that you can use the proper technique without “cheating.” If you train properly, you can quickly apply a higher weight and effectively build mass.