Western culture puts a premium on being thin. If we believe all the advertising we see and read, only the slim and trim are successful and happy. Most of us realize this is simply not true. What is true, unfortunately, is the fact that a very large percentage of the population of most western countries is overweight, and experiences many of the health problems associated with that condition. Fad diets come and go, but few of them are comfortable enough to live with indefinitely. Many seek the best way to lose weight fast and keep it off without starvation.

Being overweight would not be a problem if there were some easy, effortless way to get rid of accumulated fat. The truth is that all weight loss efforts take time, thought, and a little planning. These efforts usually need to be accompanied by enough exercise appropriate for an individual’s age, because exercise stimulates the metabolism, and can help to burn away excess calories. Do not, however, rely on exercise alone when dropping those pounds. Food intake plays an equally important role, and must be monitored to a certain extent.

These changes in diet do not necessarily need to include those expensive, specialized packaged foods that form the center of some diet plans. While prepackaged, controlled diets will absolutely help drop weight, eating unprocessed, healthy and natural foods often costs far less and is more practical. While a very gradual weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week is most desirable according to many dietitians, there are ways to help things go a little faster in a way that doesn’t impact overall health. Past dieting experiences show that crash-dieting, or eating only one type of food or food group to the exclusion of everything else, will take off some pounds. Unfortunately, that loss is usually regained once a greater variety of foods are added back into the everyday diet.

The first good rule to follow is to avoid eating any refined foods. Refined simply means that the food has been processed and treated. Processing often removes the healthiest part of the grain, for example. We all need complex carbohydrates, but not after they have been stripped of their nutrients, and then made into high-calorie, high fat and sugar products such as pastries, white bread, or potato chips and fat-laced cookies. Eating such processed products, even in small amounts, often sabotages a weight-loss program.

Eat as many vegetables as you want, but don’t add an excess of salt or sugar. There is virtually no way you can eat too many fresh vegetables, because the body won’t crave huge quantities in the same way that it can yearn for high-fat or high-sugar products. Vegetables and fruits that are either cooked without sugar-laced sauces or eaten raw will not cause a rise in blood sugar, and may actually make it more difficult for the body to store fat. The same holds true for lean protein products such as lean meat or fish. Overeating becomes much more difficult when the diet consists only of high-protein, low-fat items.

Don’t stress over calorie-counting. Trying to figure the number of calories in a doughnut is counterproductive. A more sensible approach would be an awareness of the kinds of food eaten, rather than their calorie totals alone. Lean meats and fish along with unrefined grain products containing complex carbohydrates can actually end up burning more calories during the digestion process than are taken in and stored. If a dieter wants an added advantage at mealtime, try eating a medium sized piece of fruit or raw vegetable along with an eight-ounce glass of water before meals. This practice often makes you feel fuller, and helps calm the urge to overeat.

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Remember to stop eating when you feel full. After all, the next mealtime need be only two or three hours away. If snacking between meals becomes absolutely necessary, try to choose nuts, raw fruit or vegetables. For those times when cheating seems to be an absolute necessity, try to make high-protein choices. Eat the chicken, but don’t order the fries. People who switch from refined foods to the more natural, unprocessed products are often pleasantly surprised by the way their hunger decreases, without the feeling of deprivation common to some crash diets. The best way to lose weight fast is to avoid foods adulterated with lots of fats, sugar, and salt, while increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables and lean meats and fish.